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we stand on the principle that working together allows us to not only build a supportive community but grow our brands & businesses to higher levels at an affordable price


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In an attempt to branch off and provide more financial information to the masses Queen Candace began her media journey by creating CREAM Academy and then RoyalTEA. She became involved with two media/production companies that just were not the right fit and so she decided to create her own full media streaming service. A safe media space where Black voices are amplified and Black partnerships are cultivated. Queen BluePrint TV is truly "Something for Your Essence" as we're beyond just entertainment. We're healing, we're enlightening, we're teaching and learning all at the same time. We welcome you to join us on this amazing media journey!

We wish to provide the foundation for entrepreneurs to grow their brands and gain the exposure that they truly need. Content creation is great but in order to capture the eye of sponsors and monetize that content to its full potential, a professional platform is most definitely needed. We provide not only the platform but resources as well. QBTV has made connections with distribution for fully produced shows via Rude Rangers Entertainment for ROKU TV & Firestick TV. We also provide distribution for internet-based content creators through our 24HR web-based streaming platform. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop so we have a partnership with a full media production company, graphic designer, social media manager, and publicist. We keep all of our hosts in the loop with company-wide monthly meetings/social gatherings and will have an annual business enrichment retreat as well. We want to see our hosts and our sponsors GROW and expand their brands/businesses with our full support. Collaboration and partnerships are encouraged and cultivated!

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